Book on IPR and Patent awareness by Parintek Innovations



IP awareness in India is very limited and many a times researchers, start-ups and academicians find it difficult to strategize an approach to protect their IP. As part of Parintek’s vision to “Build IP Culture” in India, leaders of Parintek Innovations has come up with an idea to spread IP awareness in India through an IPR book which should be easy to understand and can address the problem faced by Indian Scientific community.

This is a complete working guide and practical book about Intellectual property awareness, covering details about patent, trademarks, copyright, Industrial design and all other types of IP. read more..

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The approach adapted in this book is different. IP has three major aspects - IP and IP legal, R&D and Commerce. If you see the author expertise, we have different specialization like Rajesh is IP & IP legal expert, Sanjeev is IP and R&D expert and Samir has commercial background with sound IP knowledge. So, taking advantag e of this diversification, we have combined all three aspects in this book. This book gives holistic view a bout IPR covering academia, start-ups, awareness about different geography, research aspect, IPR issue in pharma r elated to generics. For example we have suggested a step wise approach for start-ups. Similarly there are approach for students/researches on how to map their work with IP.

Many of the sub topics have been visualized by us considering practical hindrances related to IPR and patent implementation for different audiences (students, researchers, professors, law professionals, start-ups, corporate-R&D). Mapping of research activity with IPR is a new concept which explains how to proceed on research with maximizing IP benefits. A world proven research methodology TRIZ has been detailed out explaining how to drive research using TRIZ methodology and get its advantage in building strong patent portfolio.

Consider a scenario - a technology start-up wants to do some IPR activity, now considering their awareness they have to consult IPR professionals. Our book helps the start-up to understand what they need and how their need will be met. So when they approach a professional further, they have a better idea about IPR, they know the next step for their IPR need. In some cases, they may be able to do it themselves. Take another example of a student who wants to learn about IPR – This book will help him learn about IPR, how it works in different geography, what are the IPR related technical services. So in a way it will help engineers to choose a career path in IPR. For corporate-R&D, this book will help to approach IP for maximizing their R&D benefits, manage their inventions in a better way and also learn IP driven research approaches.

This book details out the Indian scenario, where we stands in IP, what should be the approach for improvement of IP, IP related challenges faced in Indian scenario . It also talks about government initiative to improve IP in India per se Patent.