Join the webinar on “Intellectual Property Q&A for Startup, MSME and Academia “

Join the webinar on “Intellectual Property Q&A for Startup, MSME and Academia “ . The speaker for the session is Mr. Rajesh Singh, Co-founder & Director at Parintek Innovations.

Date: Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Time: 7 PM (IST) / 9.30 AM (EST)

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Further, five participants can even book a one-on-one session with Mr. Rajesh Singh as well.

Parintek's new litigation platform

Parintek launches a new litigation platform "Prior Art Investigator's" for providing online Patent Search Services as well as providing readily available claim chart's for cases relating to fortune 500 companies

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Book on IPR and Patent awareness by Parintek Innovations

IP awareness in India is very limited and many a times researchers, start-ups and academicians find it difficult to strategize an approach to protect their IP. As part of Parintek’s vision to “Build IP Culture” in India, leaders of Parintek Innovations has come up with an idea to spread IP awareness in India through an IPR book which should be easy to understand and can address the problem faced by Indian Scientific community.

unfolding intellectual property rights

World’s Top 300 Intellectual Property strategists by IAM

Parintek Innovations is delighted to inform that our CEO and Co-founder Sanjeev Sinha has been selected as one of the World's Top 300 Intellectual Property strategists by IAM (universally acknowledged world's leading IP business media platform

IP Strategy 101 for Startups

 "IP Strategy 101 for Startups" IP Webinar series by Parintek

Panelist: Rajesh Singh CTO, Parintek Innovations Inc.

Thu, Dec 13, 2018 12:30 AM - 1:30 AM IST

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Who should attend?

Founders of Technology Startups.

What we'll cover?

In the live 60-minute session, we will cover IP Strategies required for Startups. * Introduction to IP * How to build a strong IP Strategy * Impact of IP portfolio in the valuation * Challenges around in creating a Patent * Case studies on IP * Global IP Strategy need * Q&A


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Rajesh Singh at world IP forum

Parintek CTO and India's best IP expert, Rajesh Singh participating at world IP conference with Industry leaders in IP from US