IP Management Services

Patent Management Services

We provide prior art search and paralegal services to help Clients in making a Go or No-go decision for further R&D investment, Idea generation, identify prolific inventors and companies in the area of interest, identify risky patent assets for acquisition or License, understand competitor innovation trends & areas of conflict, white space analysis, technology ageing, making an informed decision of filing a patent application and drafting a good patent specification to reduce risk from future litigation.

Trademark Services

Trademark Availability Search

  • Search for trademark availability in more than 100 jurisdictions
  • Capability to search all leading paid and free databases
  • Search based on image, artistic layout and word

Trademark Infringement Search

  • Search for trademark infringement
  • Search for brand protection

Trademark Filling Service

  • Trademark filling for all major geographies
  • Docketing and office action response support till the trademark is granted
  • Trademark due diligence

Trademark Monitoring

  • Monitoring of new and applied trademarks
  • Trademark monitoring across the globe
  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright licensing
  • Support for preventing infringement of the copyrights

IP Strategy Services

Help organizations to create IP policy and processes in alignment to their business strategy

Parintek supports organization in conceptualizing IP system by imparting IP process and policies, creating infrastructure, aligning IP management and training to achieve business objectives

IP Training Services

Help Clients to create intellectual property (IP) awareness in their organization by imparting training on IP types and basics of IP law applicable to different geography and IP benefits. We offer a wide range of training program such as

Basic Training

  • Basic insight of IP
  • For Beginners

Advance Training

  • Advanced IP concept
  • Business purpose

Skill Development

  • IP service based training
  • To drive IP protection for Business/patent File

LPO Services

Parintek has legal experts to support different legal process outsourcing services like

  • Legal documentation
  • Legal document review
  • Docketing
  • Other paralegal services