It seems there are certain roadblocks in the implementation of AV as a public transport facility. The safety, security and privacy issues seems to be a primary hurdle in full deployment of AV’s for the public on road. (

On the other end, investment is pouring in from major automobile industry players globally, fine tuning the equipment’s, technology, testing networks and lot more. There has also been a increase in IP filings related to AV technology lately, with every player wanting to secure their share of ROI in this nascent, but potential multi-billion dollar industry. AI and machine learning are two key technology areas where development is in full swing. LIDAR is also anticipated to be more extensively used in navigation systems of such vehicles with the security provided by embedded systems. The number of startups based on AI products is also on the rise. (

Will the technological development provide improved results, so that the policy makers could take an informed decision, that can foster deployment of AV’s on road for public? is a question that only time will answer.

Will the policy makers exercise their regulatory powers and bring in changes that would promote testing of AV’s and speed up the implementation? is also a question that only time will answer?

It remains to be seen if technology advancement and policy constraints are ready to walk the path together with greater mutual aid. The steps are certainly being taken in the right direction – for transforming the present Myth to a future Reality.