Recent months indicate a massive spike in the patent litigations being filed over the US. Further, reassignments of patents are on an increase as well. What does the future points to with these recent developments?

Over the last decade, filing of patent litigations in the US rose to unprecedented heights in 2013. The boom of patent litigations witnessed in early 2010’s was at the heels of the Great Recession of 2007-2009. There was a substantial increase in the number of patent litigation during 2009-2013. The patent litigations rose many a fold during those years. One of the possible reasons that attributed to the phenomenon was possibly the “Great Recession” where entities wanted to monetize their IP assets.

The patent litigations that once peaked in 2013 were on a downfall till the year 2019. The decline appears to have ended in 2019, and the trend shows litigation growth once again. The timing may be merely coincidental, but the pandemic may be a causal factor. Patent owners who had planned to file cases, later in the year or in the coming years, may have decided to accelerate their schedule in light of the impending lockdown of businesses, perhaps resulting in a strategical advantage. Patent litigation activity may continue to increase as the recession persists and thereafter.

Although if the past is any indication and the present is a sign. We can predict a future where are we heading towards with regards to patent litigations.

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