As a Patent Analyst, search strategies incorporating classifications have a monumental contribution during execution of a search project. Therefore, finding relevant classifications is of utmost importance during search strategy formation. Missing one of the relevant classifications might lead to leaving out one or more relevant references as search strategies based on keywords ONLY can not be relied upon completely.

Often, I thought while working on a search project, finding classifications is a time-consuming process and couldn’t any platform make the process more convenient for me. This would certainly make my life easier as a patent analyst.

Thus, our organization took the onus upon itself to bring along “ClassiPI”. ClassiPI has made my life much easier. Jokingly, we often call it our SAVIOR. Deliberately or call me a novice as a writer, I will not keep on mentioning the features of ClassiPI but would instead recommend the readers to give the platform a try.

Although, Parintek has launched ClassiPI an year ago, a recent incident inspired me to write this piece. Recently, while executing one of the projects as an age-old habit I visited my old and dear friend “Espacenet” for finding the relevant classifications. But when I saw the results for my query on the interface (screenshot attached), it struck me to why not try my savior.

My savior came to the rescue to say the least. I am attaching the screenshot as I believe my readers could be a better judge.

Additionally, I would just like to point out that along with the exact relevant node of classification, the full description for the node is just a click away on the interface.