1)     For a new Google Patent Search

2)     Returning to the results (hits) in List view

3)     Editing the current search strategy

4)     The current search strategy (Contains the word “Metaverse”, you can check out our recent post on “Metaverse”: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/vaibhav-srivastava-158017116_metaverse-metaverses-metauniverse-activity-6885173389707812864–A5T)

5)     To include Non Patent Results into the search results

6)     Moving to the next result in the results (hit)

7)     The title for the Patent/Patent Publication

8)     The abstract for the Patent/Patent Publication

9)     Keywords from the search strategy are highlighted

10) The figures of the Patent/Patent Publication

11) The classification code with their definition in which the Patent/Patent Publication is tagged. Currently one classification code is displayed, more codes can be accessed by clicking on “View more 6 classifications”. (Check out Parintek’s ClassiPI to get CPC, IPC, FI. F-Terms in one go for a keyword, Classification Mapping is also available. Check out in detail at:  https://parintek.com/product/classiPI/)

12) The granted patent number for a patent or publication number for a patent application is displayed.

13) Downloading the PDF copy of the Patent/Patent Publication

14) Extracting 5 Keywords from the Full text of the Patent/Patent Publication along with the use of AND operator and application of the priority date filter.

15) Provides a list of similar results using machine learning

16) Inventor of the patent/patent application. The name of the inventors are hyperlinked to generate a result page containing the assets belonging to the inventor name.

17) Name of the current assignee

18) The hyperlinked members (patent or patent publication) belonging to the family

Some other options available on the interface will be dealt in upcoming articles. Stay tuned !!

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