Patent Drafting & Filing

Our patent drafting and filing services help you protect your intellectual property in multiple jurisdictions including India, USA, South Korea, Europe, Japan, China, and more.

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Patent Search Services

Our patent search services helps you build and maintain a strong and optimized IP portfolio. Our service offers a range of comprehensive patent search services, including patentability (novelty/prior-art) search, infringement analysis (EoU), directed prosecution, Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, Validity/Invalidity search, Landscape Analysis and more.

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Patent Illustration Services

Our service provides a visual representation of your patent or invention that is optimized to reduce the likelihood of office actions & help you save time, money, and frustration.

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Prior Art Investigator's

Try Parintek's Prior Art Investigator platform for Litigated Patents, Post Grant reviews, and experience the benefits of ordering ready-made claim charts or requesting streamlined prior-art investigations for yourself.

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Prior Art Investigator's

IP Workplace

Parintek's Invention Management Platform

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Unfolding Intellectual Property Rights : A Practical Patent Guide for Researchers, Academicians and start-ups

Parintek Innovations

Building IP culture


Helps in enriching your patent profile


Identifying patentable use case.


Help in building innovation culture


Identifying new technology domain and white space

Our Edge


    Helping client to refresh IP portfolio based upon evolving business scenario.


    Support law firm in paralegal, legal document processing.


    Guiding Clients in creating valuable IP portfolio to mitigate risk and monetize key innovations.


    Develop IP policy and procedure in line with business, define framework for managing innovations

What Our Clients Say

I have come across a patent search firm that has done excellent searches. That is unique. I have not liked any other patent search firm I have used in the past. I’ve had them do five searches-patentability, landscape, and invalidity. I had them do a head-to-head search against another search firm (same search, different firms), and they did a much better job. We then did a landscape search in multiple countries. The art they have found has been great. They found art on the invalidity search that will help us invalidate a troll patent.

Top Law Firm
-On Parintek Projects

This is the best output I have seen from a search firm in last 15 years my career … Excellent search methodology and reference analysis…We are very pleased with search results, reference analysis and format of clearance search report……

Fortune 500
-On Clearance Search

This is great! I think I have enough to make a strong case with these references. Thanks a lot for delivering these... If I need any further help with this I will reach out.

Top Law Firm
- On Invalidity Search

The search results and excel report you provided are excellent. You and the other search firm both identified the ‘xxx reference as the most relevant (and I agree with this assessment). Moreover, the other prior art references (particularly the ‘xxx reference) that you identified were more relevant than those identified by the other search firm.

Fortune 500
- On Preliminary Search

Yes we did, and we really liked your mapping of the main reference you found. We presented it to the client today and they were very happy.

Top Law Firm
- On Invalidity Search

You did a nice job on the reports. The analysis was accurate.

Top Law Firm
- On Office Action Response

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I have reviewed and revised the specification...Generally the application was excellent.

Top Law Firm
- On Patent Drafting

These deliverables are extremely impressive! Thank you so much...

Fortune 500
- On Landscape

We have been very satisfied with drawings and thank you for your prompt support.

Top Law Firm
- On Illustation Drawing

Prior Art Investigator - Litigation Platform

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Art of Searching

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Design Search deep dive: We have a list of comprehensive search strategies which searcher's at Parintek utilize while performing a Design Search. Out of the exhaustive list of strategies, we have enlisted a few over here. Want