Prior Art Investigator's

Parintek’s “Prior Art Investigator’s” platform gives insight(s) about a case including a claim chart for found prior-arts. The platform deals with the distress of unscrupulous litigation targeted towards fortune-500 companies

One can order/request a claim chart for a case mentioned on the platform.

The platform also allows to request for any Intellectual Property related services from the Request Prior Art Search button.


Parintek’s “ClassiPI” is a unified classification platform which enables a user to search multiple classification system using a single query.

ClassiPI also provides mapping between multiple classification systems.

The platform finds the classification codes which are most relevant irrespective of it either being a child node or parent node.

IP Workplace

Parintek’s “IP WorkPlace” is an innovation management platform to capture and manage early stage idea/innovations in a research and development environment.

IP WorkPlace is an intuitive Innovation Management platform/tool for In-house idea and patent tracking.

IP Market Place

Parintek’s “IP MarketPlace” is one stop online market place targeted for students, researchers, inventors, start-ups and legal professionals/company to request or offer the desired IP services according to their IP needs and offerings.

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Unfolding Intellectual Property Rights

Parintek’s “Unfolding Intellectual Property Rights” is a complete working guide and practical book about Intellectual property awareness, covering details about patent, trademarks, copyright, Industrial design and all other types of IP.

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